Friday, October 5, 2018

Make It Jiggle

Sometimes in the pursuit of losing weight, and more specifically fat, we may find ourselves discouraged way more than we'd like to admit. For some, the frustration comes about due to little or no visible signs of progress occurring within a projected timeline. For others, just thinking about abandoning the bad food choices that we've become accustomed to making  daily, creates a world of anxiety that leads us to an unhealthy obsession over every food choice or dietary mistake made. The added stress of tearing ourselves down whenever we eat poorly, only pushes us away from achieving our overall goal of improved health.

Today, I would like to turn our attention to those of us who may be beating ourselves up over our jiggling fat. When looked upon in the right perspective, it's actually a good thing. That's because loose fat is a positive indicator that we're on the right path to discarding it. You see, when fat is hard, it's like having a car parked in the driveway in the winter with frozen gas. While it has fuel, the fuel is not in a state that is able to be used. So it just stays put, and doesn't contribute to the functioning of the vehicle, or in our case, our bodies. However, when solid fat starts to loosen up, much like the gas returning to its liquefied state, then and only then is it able to be utilized as fuel.

The misconception as to why people despise when hardened fat loosens, is that hard fat is toned. However, toning pertains to muscles, which fat certainly is not. So in essence, we've tricked ourselves into believing that we're toned, when indeed we're just fat. To transition from being fat to toned, we have to increase our activity level to utilize more energy while decreasing our caloric intake. Weight or resistance training is recommended at least two to three times a week including all muscle groups, while cardio training is recommended thirty minutes daily. When we have solid fat, if we exercise regularly and make  good food choices including lean meats (0-3, 3 ounce servings daily) and a variety of colorful fruits (2 servings daily) and vegetables (3 or more servings daily) over a period of time, our fat will go through a physiological change and transition into a state that can be metabolized and used by the body as fuel.

Although jiggling may not look or feel good to some of us, be encouraged and know that the "jigglies" are indeed a necessary part of the fat and weight loss process. They are a promising sign that we are on the right path to losing excess fat. As we continue to utilize our excess fat, eventually our toned muscles that have been hidden underneath our blubbery fat layer, can and will make a noticeable appearance.

Despite barriers, be encouraged to stay consistent with maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors. They do eventually lead to the shedding of our fat storage. Move more, eat less, and watch the fat reserve be put to good use. Strive to make it jiggle. You can do it!! Let's Pound Down.  

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